Speed Caricaturing

The Day 21 subject of this year’s “Caricature Resolution” challenge (to do a caricature every day of January from a pre-selected list of subjects) is tennis legend, Billie Jean Kind.

Just to mix things up, I tried a different approach to this one. No preliminary sketch. I just chose an ink brush in Procreate and started putting lines on the page. Wherever the line was, it stayed. The only erasing was to make the white swath of the top of the net show up in front of the subject. The process was so quick that the Procreate app only produced at 14 second video of the screen recording (usually, you can opt to condense a long rendering process to just 30 seconds, but it didn’t give me that option on this one, because it was already half that time.)

I think I managed to get a likeness and some exaggeration on it, even though (maybe, even because) it was done quickly.

Screen Capture video of drawing in Procreate app on iPad Pro.
Billie Jean King reference photo, taken from internet.

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