Betty White caricature

Day 14 of Caricature Resolution 2019 is here and the subject is 95 year old TV legend, Betty White.

I tried drawing her exaggeratedly, with the usual mixed success in doing so. I only managed to focus on her cheekbones and dimples, but still not out-of-proportion enough to be called extreme exaggeration. This is something I can’t seem to achieve to my satisfaction on these things. Something in my need to keep everything in proper proportion causes me to re-size all the other features until the likeness looks like it should to me.

Of course, it’s all subjective. I thought I had captured her perfectly here. It may be exaggerated, but to me it looks just like Betty White at the age of the reference photo shown here that I used. The lack of any significant amount of those all-important “likes” at any of the social media sites I posted it, however, have me second-guessing the success of either the rendering or the likeness. Could it not be as dead-on as I thought? Hopefully, the “meh” response is just due to apathy, fatigue at seeing these every day, or some other dislike of me personally, rather than me not being able to accurately tell if I completely missed the goal any more. I still have half a month to keep trying though, so on to day 15 tomorrow…

Betty White caricature. ©2019 – Brent Brown. Created in Procreate app on iPad pro with Apple Pencil.
Reference photo of Betty White found on internet. Original photo credit unknown.

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