Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit
Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit

April Fools Caricatures

Having more time at home with gigs canceled, the makers of the usually January-only “Caricature Resolution” added an extra month for April 2020. I participated in both that, and the Tom’s Daily Coronacature challenge as well. Some of the subjects for each day overlapped, but these are just the caricatures I drew for the April Fools Challenge:

This special edition of “Caricature Resolution 2020” was introduced in April to give artists now at home more, some extra caricature prompts to challenge their skills. Using a comedians-only theme for the Covid-19 quarantine time of April 2020. Here is my collage of comics:

Top row: Rowan Atkinson (in his “will this wind” sketch role from The Secret Policeman’s Ball; Steve Harvey, Kate Miccuci; Amy Poehler.

Second Row: Eddie Murphy; Tina Fey; Aziz Ansari; Mike Meyers in his Dr. Evil role, discovering a mole.

Third Row: Steve Martin as Navin Johnson, The Jerk; Russel Brand, Larry David; caricature-hater Chelsea Peretti.

Bottom Row: Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo; Rhea Perlman, Richard Pryor on the Sunset Strip; list of prompts.

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