April Fools Caricatures

Having more time at home with gigs canceled, the makers of the usually January-only “Caricature Resolution” added an extra month for April 2020. I participated in both that, and the Tom’s Daily Coronacature challenge as well. Some of the subjects for each day overlapped, but these are just the caricatures I drew for the April Fools Challenge:

This special edition of “Caricature Resolution 2020” was introduced in April to give artists now at home more, some extra caricature prompts to challenge their skills. Using a comedians-only theme for the Covid-19 quarantine time of April 2020. Here is my collage of comics:

Top row: Rowan Atkinson (in his “will this wind” sketch role from The Secret Policeman’s Ball; Steve Harvey, Kate Miccuci; Amy Poehler.

Second Row: Eddie Murphy; Tina Fey; Aziz Ansari; Mike Meyers in his Dr. Evil role, discovering a mole.

Third Row: Steve Martin as Navin Johnson, The Jerk; Russel Brand, Larry David; caricature-hater Chelsea Peretti.

Bottom Row: Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo; Rhea Perlman, Richard Pryor on the Sunset Strip; list of prompts.

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