CR2020 Day 19

Day 19 o f this challenge was listed as “Stella McCartney” the fashion designer offspring of Paul and Linda McCartney. I was not familiar with her face at all, so I went with a rare, full body drawing and tried to do it in one of those elongated fashion drawing styles, but I don’t think I achieved that or the caricature very well, so I didn’t even bother to submit this one to the Caricature Resolution 2020 group, as it may very well have netted a record low of likes, judging by the already-embarrassing average number of 2 -10 for each one so far.

Let’s just put this down as a “cheat” day, and never speak of it again.

Stella McCartney photo reference and finished caricature.
The Stella McCartney caricature I ended up going with.

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