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Welcome to Brent Brown . com

Chris Pine Kirk on Shatner Body

Day 20 of the 2020 version of Caricature Resolution calls for another actor kid of a famous actor, in this case, Star Trek star, Chris Pine, son of CHiPs star, Robert Pine.

Just to be lazy, I reused a William Shatner body I already did for a Drawlloween illustration a few years ago and illustrated the Chris Pine head on top of it, due to the head position in the reference photos affording me the luxury of not having a neck to draw for him.

I actually ended up having to redo the body anyway, just to make the stomach more comically large.

Chris Pine as Captain Kirk caricature by Brent Brown ©2020

I was happy with how this one came out, as it looks like it could have been one of those great covers by Mark Fredrickson or Angelo Torres for an issue of MAD magazine. It got the usual tepid response online, however, so maybe I was the only one who thought so.

Chris Pine reference photo and initial sketch by me, Brent Brown.

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