Aaliyah caricature

Day 12 of the 30-day challenge to do a caricature a day know as CARICATURE RESOLUTION 2018 is:

AALIYAH Dana Haughton

Not being as familiar with today’s deceased celebrity subject, I had to look up to remember that Aaliyah was a singer/actress whose plane crashed in the Bahamas over a decade ago and that she was the titular star of the Anne Rice novel-turned-movie, “The Queen of the Damned”. I drew her here from the ¾ reference photo, but also gave her the outfit from the movie reference photo.

Aaliyah caricature © 2018 – Brent Brown

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 27: Aaliyah attends the 2000 MTV Movie Awards at Sony Studios on June 3, 2000 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

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