Madonna caricature

Day 16 of this month long challenge has me feeling rather worn out and I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to even attempt this subject until the late hours of the day. Not sure if it was the difficulty of a subject who has changed looks so much, that a standard image of her to choose from was difficult to decide on; that I’m growing weary of spending time on these things in general (when, you know, I’m only being paid in “likes” and somehow, my pay is still rather paltry in that department), or if Madonna seems like a caricature I’ve already done since the 80s.

Regardless, I settled on this recent photo of her to use for a reference and managed to eke out a pastel-looking caricature that hopefully got both likeness and exaggeration correct.

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone caricature ©2019 – Brent Brown
Reference photo from internet shown on side-by-side screen grab in Procreate app on iPad Pro.

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