November 2020 Caricatures

As the holiday season starts up, I only had time to participate in two daily Coronacatures for the month of November. Here are the finished results and reference photos for my take on John Goodman (star of the Flintstones movie, as he would look in actual cartoon form as Fred Flintstone) and the star of the Netflix show, “The Queen’s Gambit” Anya Taylor Joy, drawn not as her chess wunderkind Beth, but as herself.

John Goodman and Anya Taylor Joy caricatures by Brent Brown ©2020.

Also in November, I completed this gift caricature for a son who plays guitar and the digital sketch is shown on top and the rare, actual ink on actual bristol board with pencil shading tangible caricature is shown on bottom, ready to deliver to the client.

Gift caricature created digitally with sketch and transferred to actual inks and pencil for real life original art to be framed later.
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