Drawlloween 2018: Day 2

The Haunted Hard Drive

Okay, so I went with an old 3.5″ “floppy” diskette (not as old as the actually floppy 5.25″ floppy disks that preceded it, but still old) as the monster here, rather than an actual hard drive, but I’m assuming that the components of several old computers in the computer lab have somehow become sentient and assembled themselves into a giant cybernetic machine with various internal and external hard drives connected in there in the background somewhere amongst all the ribbon cables and other wires.

Drawlloween 2018: Day 2 prompt: “The Haunted Hard Drive” 2018 – Brent Brown

Other than the more easily-recognized floppy disk shape (to us old-timers, anyway) the pun on the anatomical “disc” in the spinal column allowed me to up the horror and gore ante to a fitting EC comics type of tribute for today’s prompt, which goes with my comic cover layout template well.

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