Oprah Winfrey caricature

I was much happier with my work on the Day 7 of Caricature Resolution 2019. The subject was media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, and I thought I had finally got the perfect combination of a good likeness, a good exaggeration and a respectable amount of realistic rendering.

The odd thing, is that since I was displeased with my day 6 caricature of Frida Kahlo, I waited until I had both done and posted them online at the same time, hoping I would be judged on the quality of the average of both, instead of just one. However, it seems like the Frida Kahlo one, that I spent the least amount of time on, and found to be just “meh” was the one that got the most (for me, anyway) likes and the Oprah one I spent all day on, perfecting each little pore on her face and shadow on her skin, got far fewer likes and recognition?? Just the opposite of what I thought would happen. Frida got liked and Oprah got the “meh” treatment.

I guess we can’t be judges of our own work very accurately all the time.

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