Drawlloween Challenge 2018: Day 1

It looks like I’m going to do the Drawlloween Challenge again this year. I started participating in the dual challenges of Inktober/Drawlloween back in 2015, using my sketchbook for the challenge, as I assumed was intended. Then, in 2016, I added a degree of difficulty by trying to tie each day into the next by linking the pages of each two page spread into one picture.

However, the paper on the sketchbook I was using, wasn’t that great, and I ended up bleeding through each entry into the next one, which messed both the paper for the next entry and also the previous entries. Plus, I had to either take a photo badly, or scan in tediously, the physical art to display it online, and sometimes to add color digitally, instead of messing up the paper even more.

2018 Drawlloween prompt calendar.

For the challenge in 2017, I began drawing the prompts digitally. This saved time, since the finished art was already digital and could be posted immediately. I also soon purchased an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and found that I could sit in a chair and draw on that with the same ease I did with real paper and pencil. Not to mention, adding text and maintaining a consistent size was easier. That has made me try to keep a template-like look to this year’s drawings. I’ll follow the Drawlloween suggestion to put name and contact info on each one by using a design I made to sort of give each drawing an EC comic book cover feel, while keeping it a perfect square for use on Instagram, without having to crop any part off.

So, starting out the 2018 calendar, here is the first prompt of the Drawlloween list I’m following (apparently, there are a LOT of other lists out there, so I’m never sure which one to use, but I will stay with the one I’ve been part of the past three years):


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