Carrie Fisher “carrie-cature”

Day 7 of Caricature Resolution calls for:


A lot of these celebrity subjects in the list suggest a certain iconic role they are best known for, visually, anyway. Yesterday’s Heath Ledge and the Joker, for instance. I stayed away from the impetus to do that visually striking character both because I knew it would already be done by many and I feel it has already been done too much and went another direction. Drawing Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia from Star Wars fame is another obvious one, but I tried to do a more conceptual piece with this one. I wanted to capture the chain-smoking, jaded, cynical Carrie we knew from her later years and so I used a younger reference photo, aged it a bit and made it into a space themed drawing with the Death Star as her pupils, exploding both directions through rings that could be her iconic hair buns and a shooting meteor doubling as her smoking cigarette.

“Carrie Fisher Caricature” by Brent Brown ©-2018

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