Crossover Comic II

Along the lines of the last post about taking a cringeworthy older crossover drawing of mine and updating it, today’s update is a similar revamp. The comic book worlds of Harvey and Marvel have two red-robed witches in them, (The Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff and Wendy, the Good Little Witch, and friend of Casper the Friendly Ghost) and I had done a crude pairing years ago, but wanted to update it with a comic book cover look and thought to add a modern witch in the form of the Harry Potter series’ onscreen version, played by actress Emma Watson (although, now that Wanda also has a live action counterpart, I suppose I could have portrayed her as embodied by actress Elizabeth Olsen).

Scarlet Witch vs. Wendy the Good Little Witch cover ©2021, Brent Brown
Wendy/Wanda cover with no text.

Below are the old versions:

Wendy/Wanda drawing from 2006
Flat color version of Wendy/Wanda drawing from 2006.

Someone posted on the images on the Facebook comics crossover group that I am in, “Where is Sabrina?” and I had to say that she was already drawn in a different coven of witches from one of my old Dralloween prompts (along with Elizabeth Montgomery’s Samantha Stevens and Looney Tunes post-beauty-potion Witch Hazel):

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