Day 23 of Drawlloween2018

“Race You To Dead Man’s Curve!”

Trying to think of a dark, scary Halloween take on this, but also adding some humor, posed a problem. I thought of having the curve made of an actual dead man, but then the racers would have to be something so small that a person would be mistaken for a curve next to a road, and I already did insects, so I decided on something else.

I also already did Looney Tunes characters, but for some reason, after I decided to make the Dead Man’s Curve into a mountain that resembled a dead man, the mesa-filled desert mountain range looked too much like a Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote short to not put them in it. 

So, I used Looney Tunes again, but tried to make them “dark” versions, with muted tones and evil, pupil-less eyes. There seems to be no reason for it, but  that’s what you get for nothing. If you want to dock me the five likes I get for all this work, go ahead.

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