Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit
Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit

December Caricatures

With the corona virus still raging, I’ve had to turn down new caricature gigs for large gatherings. However, I still had one event that I had agreed to back in September 2019, and though it was rescheduled from the original date of July 2020, it finally happened on December 12, 2020 and I was fully masked and distanced for the event. Sadly, I was only able to get two photos of two caricatures, and they were kind of blurry and not well-lit:

December 12, 2020 wedding venue setup at Point Lookout Vineyards in Edneyville, NC.
Two couple caricatures I was able to get photos of during the four hour event.

Also, in the December caricature job bucket, I was commissioned to draw the five members of this west coast classic car club, along with each of the actual vehicles each member owned. Here are some of the process and finished examples of the final work sent to them to be printed out and presented to each member during their January 2021 meeting:

Initial sketch of group from individual reference photos sent to client for approval before inked and colored version is started.
Digital process in Procreate with reference photo used to create and color the final caricature image.
Final color digital image with all caricatures grouped together and club logo added. Sent to client to have printed in various sizes for framing and gifting to each member.
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