Day 29 CR2020: Liza Minnelli

Day 29 for Caricature Resolution 2020 calls for drawing Judy Garland’s kid, Liza Minnelli. There are so many good caricature possibilities from photos of her in her youth and Cabaret heyday, but I want to try to keep all the subjects depicted as current as possible, so I went with a 2014 photo of her in her more recent, “Lucille 2” Arrested Development character stage.

Liza Minnelli caricature by Brent Brown ©2020

Other than making the big eyes and wide nose a bit more exaggerated, I didn’t find much to caricature in this 73 year old. The photo didn’t even show many wrinkles to draw, so either she or her plastic surgeon are doing a good job. I put a few in, as seen below, but they got smoothed over in the blending process. I feel kind of blah about how this one turned out, overall.

Photo reference and painting process.

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