CR2020: Jaden Smith caricature

Day 10 of Caricature Resolution 2020 calls for drawing the offspring of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, Jaden. He seems to have had a lot of different looks over the years, as I found out when looking up reference photos. I decided on a bit younger look before the crazy grill and pink hair, post-adolescent years. As the various sketch attempts below show, I’m still trying to get a balance of likeness and exaggeration. This one has the usual slight bit of exaggerated features, with elongated, wide-set eyes and large head, but still nothing too radical, maybe next time (probably not, I can’t seem to stop my ingrained need to make everything proportional, even when I know I”m trying not to.)

Jaden Smith (circa 2013) caricature by Brent Brown ©2020.
Reference photo and sketch for final caricature.
other directions roughed out, but not chosen to go with.

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