Drawlloween Ends

Today is day 7, the last day of the Drawlloweek. That’s the new term I made up to bow out of the month-long, Drawlloween drawing challenge. I’ve done the entire month every year since 2015, but the hours I spend on each drawing seem to increase each time (and the attention the finished drawings get on various online portals, like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook groups, here, etc.) gets lower and lower. I think single digits have become the norm, so it’s kind of unappealing to spend so much time on things that a collective “meh” is the response too.

Therefore, I now move the goalposts, and declare this to be only a week-long challenge called Drawlloween-week, and declare that I have successfully accomplished it!.

The fact that I was combining challenge prompts from three lists made it a bit harder, but also a bit more challenging. I continued that process with today’s last drawing, combining the following prompts from the following lists:

  • Drawlloween 2019: “Roller Ghoster”
  • Inktober 2019: “Enchanted”
  • Mabs Drawlloween Club 2019: “Yokai”

I had to look up what “yokai” was, and it is “strange and supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore.” So, here’s a roller coaster rider with a specific Japanese bone woman ghost called a “honeonna” beside her and some yokai ghosts from a video game and some regular type ghosts in the background.

Have a good rest of the month, not having to ignore these drawlloween posts from me!

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