Jane Fonda caricature CR2020 Day 9

Day nine of Caricature Resolution 2020 calls for doing a caricature of Jane Fonda. After considering whether to do younger (1960s Barbarella, 1980s Workout, 9 to 5, etc.) versions or recent one, I decided to keep on the theme of doing recent versions of the celebrities and then only had to decide which pose, front or profile, or three-quarter to do.

I started on a three-quarter, since I want to push myself to do those more often than the full front view that I usually do for caricatures. I just didn’t like the sketch, so I went with a different reference from the front again, of the 82 year old Jane.

Abandoned sketch for Fonda caricature.
Sketch of photo reference I decided to go with for Jane Fonda.

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