Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit
Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit

Drawlloween2018 Day 19

“Someone Cloned My Clown!”

Today’s prompt elicited a desire from me to draw an actual instance of a cloned clown and one I thought of right away was the introduction of the character Jerome on the FOX TV show, “Gotham”. For various legal reasons, the show only delves into the pre-Batman era of the fictional DC comics city, and can’t or won’t show Batman or his most famous foe, The Joker. So instead the writers came up with a guy who is obviously the Joker, but isn’t called the Joker and isn’t quite exactly the Joker. But he’s the Joker and then when they kill off, they bring him back, with a face cut off and sewn back on, just like the Joker in the modern comics. Then they kill him off again, and bring him back in the form of his otherwise-unknown twin brother, Jeremiah. This is really going on too long to explain the cartoon, and I’m sure you can find much better explanations and synopses online about it, but the point is;

Day 19 of #drawlloween2018 has young #BruceWayne from the TV series #Gotham asking why #SomeoneClonedMyClown #jeromevaleska#jeremiahvaleska #thejoker #batman #drawlloween

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