Drawlloween 2018 Challenge Day 18

“Elevator to Dimension X”

This one immediately brought to mind a Twilight Zone episode. Maybe because of the elevator-themed Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios (I hear the one at Disneyland was changed into a Guardians of the Galaxy ride instead). Regardless of why I did it, here is what I did. I colored it at first, planning to convey it to grayscale to mimic the look of the old TV show. Then I found so many cool filters to use on it, that I had a hard time choosing. Here are two and the original:

This one looks like an old comic book page.
I liked the small amount of color still used in this one, but still keeping it pretty monochromatic.
The original. Rode in color just looks too “Night Gallery” to me.

Oh, also, I wanted something “X” related in the elevator. All I could think of was the X-men, but didn’t want to confuse the issue with superheroes, so I subtly filled the lift with civilian versions of two different Charles Xaviers and two different Jean Greys from the various movie versions.

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