Drawlloween2018 – October’s Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 3

Today’s Prompt: The Whisper of Waterfront Wharf

This year’s Drawlloween calendar of prompts has some very specific titles. That’s an aspect I rather enjoy over something more vague, like, say: “cat” or something.

Others may find it more stifling creatively, or be puzzled by them, as I confess I was by today’s Whisper of the Wharf one.

Obviously, it entailed drawing some type of sea creature? I thought maybe a “whisper” was an old folk legend, akin to a “siren” who lured sailors onto the rocks to their doom (except quieter, and also contrarily, maybe she lured them back onto the land from the water or the rocks?) If the reverse-siren was true, and mythologically, sirens are related to mermaids, maybe I could gain some humor by making a “whisper” more like a “reverse-mermaid”!

The joke is on the surprised sailor when he finally gets a full look at the rest of those legs when he turns the corner.

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