Caricature Resolution Days 28-30

Caricature Resolution winds down with:




I’m posting three caricatures at once, because even though I continued to do one each day, I got behind in posting them to my blog/page. Also, I was not very enthused with or happy about these particular caricatures. Not being familiar with Chester Bennington at all (I had to look up who he even was) and being just barely familiar with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden (I knew “Black Hole Sun” and saw the video, that’s about it) and being mostly familiar with Bob Marley only through his musical legacy and the occasional dorm room poster I might see, made drawing a caricature that I knew was a good likeness kind of hard. I think my half-heated attempts show on the half-heated results, so I’m not bothering to make a post for each one, I will just present them here in one mention that will hopefully be overlooked by most people, including me. On to the last day tomorrow!

Bob Marley caricature 2018- Brent Brown


Chester Bennington photo reference found on internet search.


Chris Cornell photo reference found on internet search.


Bob Marley photo reference found on internet search.


Chris Cornell preliminary sketch by Brent Brown.
Chris Cornell caricature ©2018 – Brent Brown



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