Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit
Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit

Final Day of Caricature Resolution 2022

Here is the final three days of the daily caricature challenge for the month of January: David Spade; Fred Ward; and, of course, the six degrees of separation guy, Kevin Bacon.

Plus, here is the entire month, connections added and the final day subject connected to all from Day One, Steve Buscemi, to Day 31, Kevin Bacon. That ends the 2022, 31° of Caricature Resolution! Thanks to the challenge organizers. I tried (and failed) to exaggerate more on my caricatures, while trying to still maintain that important aspect of having it still look like the subject. Either I didn’t keep it looking like them (or tried making it look more like them, and in the process, got back to a likeness that had barely any exaggeration) or the exaggeration was too much to maintain the likeness. Also, I overworked a lot of them, instead of keeping a clean, simple style. One day, I hope to get all these factors to work, as many of the really great artists I saw doing these challenges were able to achieve.

Thanks for following along with my efforts, and that’s it for the January challenge! I will probably not be doing another until the October general drawing challenge, so please enjoy the rest of the year until then!

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