Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit
Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit

31° of Caricature Resolution 2022

Once again, I intend to participate in the monthlong, January daily drawing challenge called Caricature Resolution. This year’s theme appears to be that the actor subjects for caricature are all related by one degree to the following day’s actor subject via them both starring in the same movie or TV show. All of this is leading up to the final day’s subject of actor Kevin Bacon, to whom, it is famously said, ALL actors are separated by only a maximum of six degrees.

I had some fun by looking up the relationships of all the actors, and have indicated how they are connected to each other (but are also each connected to Bacon by a few degrees as well, though I didn’t show that) and by the time the month is over, I will have a large map of connections, culminating in the unsurprising reveal at the end, that they all connect to Mr. Bacon.

To ease the burden on me and readers, I am not going to daily document each caricature I do, but will instead post them in four day squares, starting with today’s four caricature block of days 1 through 4 of, respectively, Steve Buscemi; Daniel Radcliffe; Samara Weaving; and Keanu Reeves:

Day 1 subject: Steve Buscemi; Day 2 subject: Daniel Radcliffe; Day 3 subject: Samara Weaving; Day 4: Keanu. ©2022, Brent Brown.