Melanie Griffith caricature CR2020

Day 15 of “Caricature Resolution 2020” has for the subject, the daughter of actress Tippi Hedren, of “The Birds” fame, and the mother of actress Dakota Johnson of “Fifty Shades of Gray” fame, Melanie Griffith.

Maybe getting to the halfway point of the challenge has left me burned out, but I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to do yet another Hollywood face that seems to have had the same anti-aging plastic surgery done to it, and this subject seemed to have a resemblance factor that was elusive, as the sketches below show.

I decided to go with a oil painterly style with this one, and I think I was able to get the resemblance in the important eyes and mouth areas.

Melanie Griffith caricature by Brent Brown ©2020
Initial sketch tries with reference photo of subject.

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