Drawlloween in Inktober 2019

Once again, I’m going to participate in an October drawing challenge to push creativity and improve skills in different types of media styles (and it’s kind of fun to have an open-ended assignment each day to do on the iPad).

This year, I’m combining prompts from different Drawlloween lists: RING from Inktober 2019, VAMPIRE from Mabsdrawlloweenclub 2019, and the runny edges on the ghoulish face could apply to RUNTHEGHOULS for Drawlloween2019 list.

I just couldn’t decide on whether to make the art look like an old photograph or a color painting, so here are all versions in a handy, space-saving animated GIF:

Animated GIF of all versions of the Day One prompt combinations for Drawlloween/Inktober 2019. Vampire, Ring, Run the Ghouls.

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