Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit
Various things from Brent Brown, if you just want graphics, visit

Caricature Resolution 2021

Another successful month-long, daily caricature challenge has been completed. I didn’t bother to make a post for each day’s celebrity caricature, because I’m lazy, and because no one is here to see it anyway, so does it really make a sound?

Instead, I waited util I finished all thirty-one caricatures for each celebrity (on each of their January birthdays, except for maybe Frances McDormand, who was put on her day by mistake) and made the usual collage of them all. See that below:

If you can’t read the squeezed list of January-born celebrities that were drawn, they are:
  1. Christine Lagarde
  2. Tia Carrere
  3. Greta Thunberg
  4. Michael Stipe
  5. Hayao Miyazaki
  6. Kate McKinnon
  7. Lewis Hamilton
  8. Stephen Hawking
  9. Rigoberta Menchù
  10. Hrithik Roshan
  11. Mary J. Blige
  12. Issa Rae
  13. Julia Louis Dreyfus
  14. Dave Grohl
  15. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  16. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  17. Eartha Kitt
  18. Dave Bautista
  19. Dolly Parton
  20. David Lynch
  21. Geena Davis
  22. John Hurt
  23. Frances McDormand
  24. Daveed Diggs
  25. Etta James
  26. Angela Davis
  27. Patton Oswalt
  28. Alan Alda
  29. Heather Graham
  30. Olivia Colman
  31. Carol Channing

If you want a closer look at the individual caricatures, I posted them each day on both my Instagram feed and my Facebook page, as well as in the Caricature Resolution group on Facebook. But if you don’t care for them, you will be in the majority who were pretty “meh” about them once again!

Regardless, it was a good way to actively draw and practice real exaggeration while keeping resemblance and different art styles for a month, that I would normally not do on my own, of course. Now the inevitable feeling of “what to do” each night now that I don’t have an assignment to keep me drawing on the iPad while something is on TV in the background. I guess I will have to actually pay attention to the show or movie now.

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