Rashida Jones caricature CR2020

Day 27 brings another celebrity offspring celebrity subject to the month-long caricature challenge: Parks and Recreation and The Office actor Rashida Jones, who is the daughter of Mod Squad and Twin Peaks actress, Peggy Lipton and music legend, Quincy Jones.

Rashida Jones caricature by Brent Brown ©2020

Another more realism-based art technique applied to some amount of exaggeration. I will just have to come to grips with the reality that extreme exaggeration is not my forté. I try to do it, but then my need to fix the proportions takes me slowly back to the non, or not very, exaggerated version like this. Someone said it look like a MAD magazine style and I took that as a great compliment, since MAD is my chief art inspiration.

Photo reference and initial sketch.

Here’s a video of the process from the Procreate app’s video export feature, with the 30 second max time option selected:

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