If this site seems to be incomplete at the moment, it’s because I am undergoing a revamp to the long-needed old design of this one. Please go to Brent Brown Graphix for all your caricature, cartooning, illustration and graphic design needs, if you don’t find what you want here. Also, I […]

Another cover assignment from the Asheville paper, The Mountain Xpress, and this time it was more cartoony. It required much going on in one illustration to show the intended happy use of the the Greenway and Blueway aspirations that the nearby town of Woodfin has for building such a destination. […]

The Asheville Mountain Xpress paper contacted me to do another cover illustration. This time, not a humorous, cartoon approach, but something to reflect the story inside about the many monuments, and streets in the city named after, or memorializing figures from the city’s confederate past. This was the cover that […]

NOTE: This post is reprinted here from my blog. If you want to see all the posts about the caricature resolution 2017 participation, please visit those blog posts at this link. So here we are at the end times… I mean.. the final days.. I mean the last day of […]

2016 got such a bad rap that it was a popular joke to cheer its demise. I used that prevalent sentiment when commissioned by the Asheville Mountain Xpress to come up with a new year’s issue cover illustration. Here is the original, finished cover art, before the text was added: […]

Here is an art/military connected post. My two designs for a commemorative T-shirt for the class at Navy “A” school for the HM (Hospital Corpsmen) rating (job). It was at Naval Hospital Corps School in Great Lakes, IL (NCHS) in 1987. I don’t remember exactly how we ended up with two of them, I think […]

NOTE: This post is taken from my blog. If you wish to view all the other Dralloween/Inktober posts I have made, please visit those at this link. Good news to all those out there who don’t like Halloween or art or Halloween art or just my particular Halloween art in […]

For the third year (not in a row) I’ve been commissioned to come up with a Halloween themed cover design for the local Asheville alt weekly paper, The Mountain Xpress. This year I was asked to do something with local architectural elements, such as the winged lions (I’ve been told they are […]

Last year I participated in one of the online art challenges, like Inktober, in an effort to make myself draw more and draw on paper instead of digitally, the way I do most of my work now (except for party caricatures, of course, but if I get an iPad Pro […]

May 3rd is apparently “National Teacher Appreciation Day” (and also May 1-7 is National Teacher Appreciation Week). That may not seem particularly newsworthy, as every single day of the year has been proclaimed, designated, or sanctioned to be one or more particular days of something or other. I’m taking advantage of this particular […]