The Vast Wasteland

A comic strip that was never picked up.

This was my first serious effort to submit a daily comic strip for syndication. After the long process of writing and illustrating and inking and lettering the strips at 200% their target printing size on bristol board (this was back in 1993 before I could do all this on a computer much, much easier) and after accumulating the necessary amount of 24 daily strips, I was ready to submit my strip to the major and minor comic syndicates.

I was rejected by them all.

Some of the rejections were the usual impersonal form letters but some, surprisingly the ones from the biggest and most successful syndicates, were actual personal replies which were encouraging and helpful even in their rejection.

I have included all of them below. If you click on the thumbnail for each letter, you can see the actual size version.


The original run of strips are shown here:


The Vast Wasteland

©2017 Brent Brown

This strip currently distributed by:

Continental Features

341 W. Broadway, Suite 265
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 492-8696

Past strips available:


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© 2017 – Brent Brown

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