My Warehouse Diorama made from junk (cont'd)

Now it's time for some stairs. I was in too much of a hurry to do a platform or railings, so these stairs only attach to the pegboard but don't actually go anywhere at the moment and are not all that sturdy. I was using some 1 foot metal rods used to hold insulation up in ceilings for small pipes on the wall, so I took two of them and marked them in 1 inch increments and using pliers, bent them at 90 degree angles until I had two stair sides.

I also cut some cardboard boxes out out a large cardboard box that I just folded into smaller ones (warehouses need boxes stacked up everywhere, after all.)
Next, I found a narrow, thin piece of styrofoam that padded out some package I got. I cut out 1 inch wide rectangles of those and just attached them to the wires on both sides with good old duct tape. Then I painted them yellow to follow OSHA workplace safety guidelines and stuck them into the pegboard holes to keep them upright.
Then, it's just a matter of arranging the elements. I attach some more poles to the bike pump; stack tins on top of the pot; screw some other tins onto the walls. Add figures, props, etc. I also kept some other scrap boards painted grey to move around to the other sides or the ceiling, depending on whether which direction I aim the cameral. That way there will always appear to be four walls and a ceiling, but I can easily gain access to the diorama by moving them when not in frame.
The grunginess of the set will look much better in low light and I found these magnetic blinking lights at a store once and decided this factory with metal everywhere would be a great place to stick them for dark scenes. Since they are magnetic, I can move them all around where I need them and turn them off if I want to.
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