My Warehouse Diorama made from junk

Here is an environment that crops up a lot in comics settings, so I needed to make one for myself: the old, abandoned warehouse down by the waterfront (or a disused factory or something similar).

First off, I will start out with my materials. As usual, they consist of a bunch of old crap that any sane person would have thrown out by now. For the floor, I took down the weatherbeaten masonite backboard that was holding the basketball goal in the driveway that nobody uses any more. There are also various tins and plastic bottles leftover from Xmas that no longer contain the goodies therein; an old burner from a grill; coffee can; a broken Swiffer type of dustmup handle; broken legs from a TV tray; a broken bicycle pump; an old cooking pot; scrap sheetrock, peg board and furnace air filter along with other junk.

I also took a plastic vent housing from some kind of fan or heater or bug zapper thing before I threw the rest out. I spray painted it and then cut a hole in the sheetrock to put it through. I attached it to the coffee can on the other side, I left the open side on the outside so I could put figures in there if I wanted and seal it off otherwise. I gouged an opening in the other side. The effect desired is to suggest a large ventilation system and grate. I doesn't matter if it's not neat, in fact, I tried to break and tear the sheetrock some because I want the place to look dirty, dilapidated and in a grimy state of disrepair, so these materials will be perfect.
Then I stand the long piece of sheetrock with the grating up and attach it to a smaller wood piece I had lying around to give it an "L" shape to keep it standing up and to give me something substantial to attach things to on the other wall. I spray the sheetrock and poles a grey color and spray a little bit of black over it to give it more texture and not look so clean. Then mount the poles on the wall to look like various industrial pipes. I also start to stack up the tins (some have the labels taken off and/or painted, some are just scratched or otherwise sanded to remove any identifying marks) and the burner in place.
Next, the bicycle pump is also sprayed grey and yellow painted over that and set in place. The plastic bottle is filled with bubble wrap to simulate some kind of bubbling liquid without having the weight or bother of actual liquid and another pole painted and stuck into it as a supply line of some sort. I also found a few spent 12 gram CO2 cartridges and painted one red and added black twist ties and a grey piece of plastic and small labels to look like a fire extinguisher. The others I left silver and just added labels to look like various tanks of some type of flammable gas or liquid.
I print out more scale model labels and warning signs and control panels and locker doors found online and cut them out and glue them around to walls, pipes, etc. I also add some bases and accessories from various action figures to complete the look. I leave all the dust, dirt and sheetrock crumbles on the floor for an authentic messy appearance.
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