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Some 2019-2021 Brent Brown Cartoons (which originally ran in the Asheville, NC Mountain Xpressalt-weekly paper) are presented here, just the first one of each year. The entire 2013 to present run of cartoons is available to see at the Land of This Guy web page.

For 2007-2018 cartoons, see the Comic Strip Archives over here. —————>
Cartoons from 2013-Present are also found online, with further details, at the “Land of This Guy” comic strip site, or  you can click on each cartoon, and it will take you to the relevant Land of this Guy page.

“That’s all just water under the stairs…”

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January 2, 2019 comic ©2019 – Brent Brown • Link to comic on

“Gangs of New Asheville”

January 3, 2020 comic ©2020 – Brent Brown • Link to comic on


January 6, 2021 comic ©2021 – Brent Brown • Link to comic on
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