Give a Hoot!

Trivia: Dr. Midnite was a surgeon, named Charles McNider, he was the earliest blind superhero, predating Marvel Comics' Daredevil by more than two decades. One night, he was called to remove a bullet from a witness who was to testify against the mob. However, a mobster threw a grenade into the room, killing the witness and blinding McNider. McNider thought his days as a surgeon were over until one day, as he was recovering, an owl crashed through his window. Taking off the bandages that were covering his eyes, he found that he could see, but only in perfect darkness, his vision having been 'inverted' so that he could see in the dark like normal people see in light, and vice-versa. Using his newfound ability, he developed a special visor that let him see in light and "blackout bombs" that block out all light, and used these to fight crime. He adopted the owl, named him Hooty, and appointed him as his "sidekick". Please use this information to enjoy the humor below: