Farm/City Day Caricatures

The annual Farm/City Day event that has been held for the past 90 years (except last year, for COVID reasons) was back this weekend, and I was asked by organizers to set up in their vendors area to provide caricatures for sale. I usually work on an hourly basis, paid for by the event, and the caricatures are free to the event attendees, so I was rusty on setting up a tent and signage for myself and having to charge per caricature, and induce passersby to purchase one. I got there early and set up (with the help of the bee/honey guy next to me, who was more experienced in booth assemblage) just in time for the 10am start. I had brought a book and iPad to read and draw, in case I was idle the entire six hour time, but to my surprise, I was too busy to need something to occupy my time.

Here are some of the photos I was able to take. I didn’t get everyone, but overall, it was a big success, I met lots of friendly people and the weather was just fantastic. The six hours flew by. If I could get the set up process down to a more efficient time, I might consider doing festivals more often.

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