DRAWlloween 2021

It’s time again for that month-long, Halloween-themed, daily drawing challenge that only I, and maybe a hundred other people even seem to participate in each year: Drawlloween! I feel like I am rested up enough to fully participate this year (last year I only did six of the prompts and in 2019 I did about a week of them before getting tired of the lack of response to the art and going over to Inktober instead. I ended up doing more cartoon-style gags there as a result. This year, I’m keeping a more painterly style to the art to keep it consistent, but still trying to go for humor, as the humorous prompts seem to be also going in that direction. Here is day one: Witch Watch:

I decided to go with the witch persona of the Evil Queen from Disney’s Snow White, but make her poison apple an “Apple Watch” complete with requisite Exercise, Move, and Stand rings to keep her in Apple Fitness.
In case you are interested in the coming month’s prompts, here is the full Drawlloween calendar (of the many different ones available, apparently) that I will be following each day for the month of October.
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