Crossover Comic Cover

Back in 2006, I was dabbling in nascent digital art technology. I decided to do a humorous drawing of the three different comic book characters that had the same name, “Sandman” and have them fighting Three Stooges style.

This week, in an effort to make mayself draw more while in-between drawing challenges from January and October, I joined a Comics Crossover group on Facebook, since I’ve always enjoyed pitting characters from different corporate-owned universes against each other (usually, I have made many Action Figure Comics that made these pairings easy to accomplish without have to actually draw them, see some examples below) I decided to revisit this assemblage of Sandmen (Sandmans?) but looking at that old drawing from 2006, I had hoped I had improved some since then, and set about drawing a new one. I dropped the Three Stooges aping for a more comic book cover look. Here’s the finished product:

“Enter Sandmen” crossover comic cover ©2021 by Brent Brown.

For comparison, here’s the one I did back in 2006:

“Sandmen Fight” ©2006 by Brent Brown

Other “comic book character crossovers” done by me with action figures:

… and the one that ties things back to this particular one: BomBomBom.

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