This is Day 28 of Caricature Resolution 2019, and the subject picked for today is Cherilyn Sarkisian, better known as just, “Cher”.

She’s been around so long, it was hard to pick which era of Cher to draw: the hippie gypsy tramps and thieves Cher; the Sonny and Cher variety show Cher; the 80s glam Bob Mackie Cher; the butt-cheeks on the Navy warship guns Cher; the believing in life after love Cher… I considered the Bob Mackie Cher, but decided on the most recent, plastic surgery victim Cher, since it gave the chance to do a Brazil/Cassandra kind of vibe to it:

Cher – sature, ©2019 – Brent Brown
Unused Bob Mackie version sketch.
Reference photo from internet in window beside Procreate app screen.

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