Gal Gadot caricature

There is an old axiom which states that it is difficult to caricature an attractive person. More precisely, a beautiful woman. This was supposed to have been dispelled, as just lazy, and that anyone with a face can be caricatured. However, in my quest during this challenge to stretch my exaggeration muscles while struggling to retain a likeness, I have found the faces with very attractive features to be the hardest ones to both exaggerate to an extreme degree and still retain a likeness. I had that problem with the Emma Watson subject (taking a easy out, by just doing a cartoon version of her in an Archie comics, teenage witch manner) and the Israeli actress best known for her role as Wonder Woman is proving to be just as difficult.

I tried stretching out different features on her and I completely lost the likeness every time. She would be easy enough to draw by doing my usual cartoonification of her, but I really want to get to the point where I can really enlarge and shrink certain things and still have it immediately apparent who the subject is. Maybe this is not the person to try it on. I noticed very few good likenesses on the Caricature Resolution Facebook group page and there are many artist there who seem to be able to find a way to exaggerate and retain likeness in an enviable way, but this one is proving to be a real bear even for those pros.

This is all I could manage. I still see a likeness, but that’s subjective, as usual.

Gal Gadot caricature ©2019 – Brent Brown
Gal Gadot reference photo side by side Procreate app drawing window screen shot.

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