FINAL day of Drawlloween2018

“Trick ‘R Treat Yo’ Self!”

Being a fan of the TV show, “Parks and Recreation” I was tempted to draw the characters from the show from whom this paraphrasing was taken, but I decided to do a compilation of the 30 other drawings from this year’s month-long drawing challenge. That seemed to be a popular way to go with other participants, as I noticed. I may do a more complete collage of the full drawings later, but for now, this has been another successful year, in that I got the prompt drawn each day and got in more drawing practice than I otherwise would have if left to my own devices (devices like my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, which made this much easier to accomplish each evening while “watching” something on TV in the background.)

Thanks for the challenge and congrats to all those who participated!

Here’s the more usual collage of all the illustrations I did this month:

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