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Below, you will find links to caricatures I have done.

Party Caricatures, are done quickly, at events such as festivals, picnics, holiday parties, grand openings, corporate functions, trade shows, etc. It takes me about 5 minutes to draw one person, inlcluding the little customized body. I use a black permanent marker and 11" x 14" paper. Here are some photos of of people I have drawn at past events wih their caricatures.

Dana Event
Arden Event
Brevard Event Photos

Hendersonville Event Photos
Asheville Event I Photos
Asheville Event II Photos
Asheville Event III Photos
Asheville Event IV Photos
Asheville Event V Photos
Asheville Event VI Photos
Cullowhee Event Photos
Charlotte Event Photos

Studio caricatures take longer and are usually created as gifts for the person or persons being drawn. They can also be in color and the customization more elaborate. Here are some pencil roughs of finished gift caricatures (I never took any scans or photos of the finished versions before they were given to the recipient:

Studio Caricatures for Frankie Bones

Studio Caricature for Mountain 1st Bank
Studio Caricature for Viet Nam 40 year reunion
Studio Caricature for Family portrait gift

Pencil roughs for gift caricatures 828•393•0122