Action Figure Comix

Besides drawing comics, I also like to create comics using two other hobbies: photography and collecting action figures. Running out of space and adding up the costs, I quit the action figure collecting a few years ago, but I still have plenty and have done several photo shoots with them both in the studio and on location. Sometimes I would create a story out of the photos by adding effects, word balloons and text in Photoshop and sometimes I would just take shots for comparison to other figures or simply for photographic fun. Here then from the last ten or so years, are some of those “action figure comics” or, more accurately, since these are photos and not drawings, fumetti.

Funny Action Figure Strips

Multi-panels strips with humorous (?) intent.

Funny Action Figure One panels

Single-panel shots with humorous (?) intent.

Action Figure Action Poses

Just poses for poses sake.